TVBI Company Limited
Established in 1976, TVBI Company Limited (TVBI) is the worldwide operating arm of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), the world's largest producer and distributor of Chinese-language programmes.

TVBI supplies programmes to cable and satellite service operators and licensed video, VCD and DVD distributors throughout North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. On top of that, TVBI has been playing an active role in the development of the emerging digital media including internet, IPTV, digital TV, Internet Café and 3G mobile phones.

TVBI enjoys exclusive rights to distribute original TVB-produced programmes, many of which are dubbed into other Asian languages as well as English. TVBI’s current scope of business includes:

1. Video, VCD and DVD distribution
2. Telecast licensing
3. Programme production
4. Airtime advertising management
5. Cable and Satellite television operation
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